Adventure film tour to reach Australia

By Wes Judd 28 November 2013
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REEL ROCK Film Tour, a festival that collects the best climbing films of the year, is set to tour our shores.

SINCE 2006, REEL ROCK Film Tour has gathered the year’s best climbing and adventure films and delivered them to audiences around the world.

This high-energy, one-night festival draws outdoor enthusiasts, famous and amateur, who want to celebrate adventure and the stories of men and women who dedicate their life in its pursuit.

This year, headlining films include the controversial tale of a fight between Sherpas and western climbers on Everest; the inspiring story of a young woman who is rewriting the rules of climbing in the UK; and a look into the Yosemite climbing counterculture of the 1970s.

REEL ROCK will have 10 stops across Australia. Check out the website for more info.