Aeroe Quick Mount Pod: Tested

By Mike Ellott 16 May 2023
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This unique bit of bike storage kit from Aeroe has been tested over the past six months. So how was it on the trails? Read on to find out…

I must admit I’m not the tidiest when it comes to loading my gear into bikepacking bags – picture a full bag’s contents jumbled together, with no order at all. Due to lack of space, there’s always something I must leave behind.  This tends to be larger items – mainly my cameras – or I forgo extra food and water. Seeing enticing images of the Aeroe Quick Mount Pod on social media got me thinking, has this NZ-based company produced a solution to my packing issues?


Aeroe has designed the 11-litre (L) pod to be mounted on the brand’s Spider Rear Rack (read our review, here), either to the left or right side depending on your preference. If you are planning on going further afield (and really heading into the rough stuff) you can balance the rear of your bike with a Quick Mount Pod on each side, giving you 22L of storage. Made from high-quality, welded TPU nylon that is fully waterproof, the pod weighs 718 grams (g). Add in the uni-mount that is used to attach the pod to the Spider Rear Rack and the total weight comes in at 910g. 

The Pod’s 11-litre capacity means you will fit plenty kit inside. And, thanks to welded TPU nylon exterior and the internal straps, your gear stays dry and secure.

In the field

Off the bike, the Quick Mount Pod is a very simple and effective storage solution. Access to your gear is via a heavy-duty waterproof zip. When unzipped, the Quick Mount Pod opens like a butterfly, giving you complete access to what you need.  Using the word ‘zip’ for a product like this could make you nervous, but when in your hand you’ll see how robust and heavy duty the zip and the Pod both are. Inside, you’ll find no special pockets or compartments, only two simple straps and clips to keep all your contents in place. This is all you need! The space gives you the luxury to pack and arrange the Pod as you please. I favour packing my bulkier items to start, so first in are the cooking and food items.

Unique to this product, and a point of difference from others, is how you attach and remove the Quick Mount Pod from your bike. Running through the solid back of the product is a sturdy retractable pin that, when pulled, releases the Pod from its circular mount. This design not only means you can take your possessions away from your bike in seconds, but it also gives you the option to place your pod at multiple angles on your bike.

The final word on the Aeroe Quick Mount Pod

The Quick Mount Pod is a well-designed and seemingly robust piece of touring kit. You will only need to use it once and won’t look back – it will become a regular on your bikepacking adventures. With 11L of well protected storage (or 22L if you opt for a twin set-up), and ease of use, the Quick Mount Pod will repay that initial investment in no time.

Packed up, and secured to the unique clamping system, and the Quick Mount Pod is ready to roll again.

We now have a near-complete Aeroe bikepacking system, so look for more online updates on the system’s performance and a comprehensive long-term update in Issue 10 of Aus Geo ADVENTURE.

RRP: $189 See Aeroe for more info on this and the brand’s full range of bike touring gear.