AG Reader Photo of the Week: the ghosts in the woods

By AG Staff 3 September 2018
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This week’s reader photo of Ghost fungi was captured in Mandurah by photographer Adam Brice.

“This is a photo I’ve been meaning to take for some time but never got around to it until recently – the Ghost fungi (Omphalotus nidiformis). Mainly found in the southern regions of Australia, this large fungi can grow up to 30cm in diameter. Usually growing in clumps at the base of dead or diseased trees in low laying, wet areas in Banksia woodland,” says Adam.

“The most remarkable thing about this fungus is that it glows faintly, the bioluminescent green, this faint glow helps attract insects of all kinds to help spread its spores. This shot was taken in a small reserve in Mandurah – it was a three minute exposure, which was long enough to depict are bright green glow from this fungi.”

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