Two in the tree

By AG STAFF 17 March 2017
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Common tree snakes soak up the sun in Healesville Sanctuary, Victoria.

Congratulations to this week’s AG Flickr group member Luke Williams for his AG Reader Photo of the Week: ‘Tree dwellers’.

“These two tree dwellers were snapped on a day out with my beloved at Healesville Sanctuary. I hadn’t visited since I was a child and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed our visit – we’ll definitely be back,” says Luke.

“I’m a young, amateur photographer with a new found passion for bird and wild life photography. I’ve always loved immersing myself in the natural beauty of our planet; photography gives me a great chance to capture some of the ecstatic moments you get to experience out there. Hopefully someday soon I’ll get a chance to encounter a green tree snake in the wild!”

The common tree snake(Dendrelaphis punctulatus) is essentially harmless to humans. However, it will defend itself by producing a horrible odour, and may bite. They are most active during the day, and when resting they are often found in trees. hence the name.

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