Fronting the storm

By AG STAFF 17 June 2016
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Ominous storm clouds blacken the sky over Barwon Heads, Victoria.

This week’s reader photo was taken by Pete at Barwon Heads Bluff, Victoria.

“On Monday, 14 September last year, a huge storm front moved over south west Victoria after an unusually warm September day of 28°C. It looked apocalyptic as I took this shot over Thirteenth Beach at Barwon Heads before running for cover from driving rain and lightning,” says Pete.

“I had taken this shot from on top of the Barwon Heads Bluff at about 4.30pm as the storm slowly moved across to the eastern coast of Victoria before heading out to sea. In hindsight, it was probably not the safest place to shoot it from, with the lightning getting uncomfortably close, but I got the shot!”

Note from the photographer: the shot has had contrast, saturation and sharpening added in post-production to accurately represent the scene as it was to the eye. (Original was a RAW file and very flat as they tend to be). No other manipulation was done to the image. 

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