Mother plover

By AG STAFF 9 January 2015
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Congratulations to this week’s AG Flickr group member Lachlan Hall, for his image of these red-capped plovers

Says Lachlan, a 19-year-old bird and wildlife photographer from Gerringong on the New South Wales South Coast:

“Lake Wollumboola at Culburra beach would have to be my favourite place to photograph birds. The sheer quantity of birdlife is amazing and the basically untouched natural setting is just a wonderful environment to spend time in.

A couple of photographer friends and I had been following the progress of this female red-capped plover (Charadrius ruficapillus), which was incubating two eggs on the sandbar. On hearing that they had hatched we spent a really enjoyable morning photographing the adorable little chicks in some sweet light. 

The chicks would run around, joyously exploring their surroundings while mum and dad chased worryingly after them. This one kept embarking on little expeditions across the sandbar before running back to the safety of its mother and snuggling up under her wing for a few minutes.

To capture the shot, I crawled into position with the sun behind me and waited patiently for the chick to poke its head out before setting off on another foray.”

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