AG Reader photo: star trail, Tasmania

By AG staff 16 November 2011
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A star trail shot of Stanley in north-west Tasmania is this week’s contributor photo.

THIS STAR TRAIL SHOT of Stanley in north-westernTasmania is this week’s Australian Geographic contributor shot, by Aaron Citti.

“‘The Nut’ is an ancient volcanic formation,” says Aaron. “I was in Tasmania for the shooting my next fine art photography series and decided to visit Stanley. While I was there I took several of the common sunset shots of the Nut but wanted a different perspective. I had done some research and decided that the Nut at night featuring star trails had not been done before so I wanted to capture this as a world first.

The shot itself was, in total, about a 50-minute exposure. The night was pitch black with the tranquil sound of the tide splashing on the rocks. I was lucky to get this shot as shortly thereafter shot the sky was covered in cloud and overcast.

I am a fine art photographer originating in Adelaide, South Australia, with a passion for capturing natural and urban landscapes from my eye. I’m always keen for a bit of drama in my work, a bit like my personality – well so my wife tells me anyway!  In all respects, I am serious about my work, and am unsatisfied until I capture what I want to achieve in my work.”

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