Flickr photo of the week: sunset at Lake Eyre

By AG Staff 15 April 2011
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Light showers fall as the sun goes down over Lake Eyre in this week’s contributor photo.

Light showers fall as the sun goes down over Lake Eyre South in this AG Flickr photo by contributor Kyle Dadleh.

“My grandad and I had driven from Marree, SA, to a little-known point at Lake Eyre South to see if much water had flowed into the lake about a week after heavy rains from ex-cyclone Yasi moved though the north of South Australia,” says Kyle. “I had spent most of that day walking around trying to capture a photo of the water in the lake. However, many of the photos just turned out as plain images of two shades of blue – sometimes it’s difficult to see where the sky meets the horizon over the lake because they’re the same colour. The sun was also incredibly bright that day so light was bouncing around everywhere, making it difficult to capture the photo I was looking for. Eventually, the sun started to set, lighting up the area with an orange tone and just as the sun fell below the horizon, it lit up some distant clouds with yellows and oranges.

I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember, though mostly with a point-and-shoot. I got my first film SLR in 2004 (Pentax MZ-50), but it wasn’t until I got a digital SLR in 2009 that I really started to learn how to operate them. Photographing wildlife and landscape is what I’m most passionate about; however, I also like to photograph events like public demonstrations, which occur regularly in Melbourne where I live.”

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