Flickr photo of the week: dandelion seeds

By AG Staff 11 March 2011
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A close-up shot of some dandelion seed heads makes for interesting patterns in this week’s AG Flickr photo.

Australian Geographic Flickr group contributor M Mahmud Hasan took this ‘reverse macro’ shot of some dandelion seed heads.

“I started photography during my mid school years with my dad’s Pentax K1000 and now it has become one of my passions,” says senior software engineer Mahmud.

“I now run a photography group, ‘Photography Talk in Facebook along with my friends and colleagues to share ideas and techniques. I found that lots of beginner photographers hesitate to buy costly macro lenses and interested to learn reverse macro techniques, which is much cheaper. Unfortunately, for lack of resources and clear idea, they never really bother to try it. So I decided to do some experiments on reverse macro and share my experience with others.

I collected an old Canon 50mm F/1.8 FD mount lens for $45, a reverse ring and an extension tube for $20. After setting up everything, I went out for some experimental shots and found it extremely difficult to get sharp images. This dandelion seed head image is the one of the best and interesting outcomes from my experiment that I have decided to share with my fellow hobbyist photographers.”

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