Awards Nominations

Nominations are now open!

Want to nominate someone for an award? Nominations are now open for 2021!

Where can I find the nomination forms?

You can find the nomination form here and the criteria here.

Who can be nominated?

Any living Australian citizen or permanent resident can be nominated for an Australian Geographic Society award.

Who can put forward a nomination?

Any individual, community organisation, business or professional body or similar group can nominate someone for an award.

What are the awards categories?

A full list of categories and criteria can be found HERE.

How do I prepare a nomination?

To nominate an individual for an AG Society award please email with the following:

1. Your name, phone number and email address
2. Your nominees name, phone number and email address
3. Resume of nominee; including references
4. A one page written document with details on why your nominee should be awarded a conservation award
5. An image of your nominee doing what he/she does best
6. Any further supporting documents i.e. Media coverage, previous awards(MAX email size 10MB. Please do not send more than 5 attachments)

You will be asked to say why you think the person is deserving of an award and to provide any details of their actions or service that support this. When filling out the nomination form, it is important to provide specific examples of how the nominee’s contribution(s) has been outstanding.

Once complete, forward the form to the AGS Administrator at or post to:
AGS Administrator
Australian Geographic
Level 7, 54 Park Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Is it necessary to provide a referee?

Yes, the name and contact details of an individuals who would be in a position to comment directly on the nominee’s achievements should be provided. The provider of the testimonial must have suitable and relevant credentials to be able to support the nomination in that they must be recognised as an achiever in a related field of endeavour.

There is no need for you to ask referees to provide written comments in advance.  When we are processing a nomination we may need to put specific questions to referees to assist in our research so it is best we contact them at that stage.

How are nominations assessed?

Throughout the year, nominations for the Australian Geographic Society Awards are received by the AGS administrator. These nominations may be drawn from sponsorships given out by the AGS or articles in the journal, or come from members of the AGS or the general public. The AGS also works closely with conservation charities and organisations to spread our call for nominees far and wide.

Award winners are selected from a list of nominees by the selection panel, made up of members of the AGS Advisory Council, the AGS Adventure Committee, the Awards committee and the staff of the Australian Geographic journal.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes, given that you are able to provide an appropriate referee.

How long does it take for nominations to be considered?

Nominations for awards open during May. Following receipt, nominations are researched and referees are contacted where required. A decision is generally made by early August of the same year.

How are recipients told of their award?

Recipients are advised by telephone or email of the offer of an award. The names of successful nominees are announced at the annual Australian Geographic Society Awards event and published in the Nov/Dec issue of Australian Geographic (or issue first released after the event).

Are nominators advised?

Nominators are not advised of the outcome of their nomination prior to the official announcement.

More information or help

If you have any further questions, please contact the AGS Administrator on (02) 9136 7214.

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