Natalie Isaacs Conservationist of the Year 2017

By Caitlin Maxwell 30 October 2017
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Natalie Isaacs is awarded the Conservationist of the Year for founding the 1 Million Women movement.

Natalie Isaacs is the fearless founder of 1 Million Women (1MW), a global movement that so far involves more than 600,000 women and girls taking action to fight climate change by altering the way they live. Natalie believes that because most household buying decisions are made by women, they are well placed to make smarter and more sustainable choices that can ultimately reduce their families’ carbon footprints. By sharing her own story of transformation from an apathetic cosmetics’ manufacturer to a strong and focused climate change activist, Natalie is an inspiration to women the world over. The 1MW movement empowers women through support and education to make positive contributions to the environment through simple lifestyle changes such as reducing energy use and food waste. Natalie’s core belief is that women, through their collective power, can make a real impact on climate change. Successful 1MW campaigns have so far included #LEAVEITONTHESHELF to reduce plastic purchases from supermarkets and 1M Declaring the Reef in Danger, a petition to save the Great Barrier Reef.