Drone footage shows new side of Sydney Harbour

By AG STAFF 26 May 2015
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Drone footage above Sydney Harbour’s south headland reveals hidden beaches and angles never seen before.

AERIAL IMAGES CAN give a new perspective to scenes, but capturing these shots has previously required expensive options like helicopters or planes. The recent explosion of drones (remote piloted aircraft – RPA) has given photographers new avenues to explore. 

With them, photographers are able to capture those beautiful aerial scenes, but more than that, RPAs are also able to skim much closer to targets, and lower (they fly up to about 120m high), providing a new vision of some common sights.

Although pilots need to report their flight plans, drones aren’t restricted to any flight paths, which means they can skim cliff faces and hover above beaches. They can also rotate around a GPS-determined point to take images that can be stitched together into panoramas