Best panorama images of 2013

By Wes Judd 24 September 2013
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An international award for panorama photography has named its breathtaking winners.

ESTABLISHED TO HONOUR THE world’s best panoramic photography, the fourth annual EPSON International Pano Awards announced their winners in five categories last week.

This year, over 4000 entries were submitted by photographers in 57 countries, and creator David Evans says he’s amazed at the rate the awards have grown.

“Prior to 2010, there wasn’t an international competition for panorama photography,” says David. “I decided to partner with ESPON and now we are the largest competition for panorama photography in the world.”

Australian panorama images 2013

Based in Australia, the EPSON International Pano Awards have three main categories: open, amateur and Virtual Reality 360 degrees (VR/360), in which photographers stitch together dozens of photos for an online interactive experience.

Winners this year range from an impending dust storm in California’s Death Valley, to a haunting interpretation of Tuscany’s rolling hills. In the VR/360 category, one can gaze all across Rio de Janeiro at sunrise.

Prize-winners were formally honoured last weekend at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.