Incredible new Antarctica photos

By Amy Middleton 4 April 2013
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A stunning new exhibition showcases the unique and fragile landscapes and animals of Antarctica.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN 57 creative individuals embark on a photographic expedition to the last great wilderness on Earth?

The answer is: magic happens.

Photographs from a 2010 Antarctic expedition, led by award-winning photographer Michael Aw of the Ocean Geographic Society, has resulted in some of the finest shots of this elusive environment ever taken.

Animals of Antarctica

The collection showcases some of the team’s personal encounters with the animals of Antarctica, including fur, Weddell, leopard and crabeater seals, Adélie and king penguins, as well as plankton and krill – the tiny lifeforms that bear the weight of an entire ecosystem.

Because Antarctica is considered to be under serious threat from climate change, it was the team’s intention to record the ecosystem’s current state, thereby providing a reference in the monitoring of climate change’s effects on the continent.

“The Antarctic is the last pristine wilderness on our planet, owned by no-one, and yet countries come together to sign the [Antarctic Treaty] to protect the region, for humanity,” says Michael Aw.

“My thought was to gather a team of extraordinary people to document Antarctica from their perspective, in order to inspire change.”

An exhibition of these images, the Elysium Antarctic Visual Epic, will run from 13 April at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney.