Images of the outback

By Carolyn Barry September 18, 2012
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From rare wildlife to iconic landscapes, these images capture the essence of outback Australia.

HEADING TO AUSTRALIA’S most remote and hard-to-reach places is a passion of photographer Dayman Steptoe.

In his trusty 80-Series Landcruiser, which he’s heavily modified to cope with any outback challenge, he heads out to many usually inaccessible regions around the Northern Territory and South Australia. His great respect for the Aboriginal people has resulted in many good friendships and also rare access to some sacred Aboriginal lands.

“Put simply, I just love the bush,” he says. “And respect for the bush, for the people is so important.” 

Some of Dayman’s favourite locations across the outback were captured in a stunning time-lapse video he produced in 2011 from more than 100,000 images. He went back on many trips this year to capture more images, which have been collated into a book and an exhibition at the Adelaide Zoo. All proceeds from sales of the images, book and a CD soundtrack of the bush will go to the warru wallaby recovery project, through the Adelaide Zoo.

The Remote Exposure exhibition is on at the Santos Centre at the Adelaide Zoo until October 18. Find out more information about this free event on the website.