FRASER ISLAND. WORLD’S LARGEST SAND ISLAND. More than a 100 freshwater lakes, towering sand dunes and the world’s only sand-growing rainforest is what make up Fraser Island. It’s no surprise that the Aborigines named it K’Gari, meaning paradise. Like an oasis floating off Queensland’s southern coast, Fraser island is the largest sand island in the world.

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    RENELL ISLAND, SOLOMON ISLANDS – WORLD’S LARGEST CORAL ATOLL. Few places in the world remain as untouched as Renell Island. A short yet infrequent flight from Honiara (capital of the Solomon Islands); will take you to the largest raised coral atoll on Earth. Only around 1,800 people inhabit the island and its wide array of unmodified forest vegetation and endemic wildlife has awarded it UNESCO world heritage status.

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    LORD HOWE ISLAND – WORLD’S MOST SOUTHERNLY CORAL REEF. Lord Howe Island is Australia’s best kept secret. With only 400 people allowed to visit at one time and the residing population even lower, this breathtaking array of 28 islands, rock spires and islets make up the worlds southernmost coral reef. The island hosts a remarkable collection of birds, marine wildlife and the famous Lord Howe Island stick insect.

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    HIGHWAY ONE – WORLD’S LONGEST NATIONAL HIGHWAY. Circumnavigating around a whole continent, Australia’s Highway One is the longest national highway in the world. At 14,500 kilometres, the ultimate highway squiggles through almost all the major cities in Australia.

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    FRYING PAN LAKE – WORLD’S LARGEST AND YOUNGEST HOT SPRING. A result of the largest volcanic eruption in New Zealand’s history, the Frying Pan Lake remains the world’s largest and youngest hot spring. This fittingly named lake sizzles at over 43 degrees and lies close to the town of Rotorua on New Zealand’s north island.

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    DAINTREE RAINFOREST – WORLD’S OLDEST TROPICAL RAINFOREST. A short drive from Cairns lies a stretch of the world’s oldest surviving rainforest. Dating back almost 140 million years, the mammoth Daintree rainforest lines Queensland’s coastline and is home to one of the most ancient and complex ecosystems on earth.

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    BOROBUDUR – WORLD’S LARGEST BUDDHIST TEMPLE. Surviving almost 1200 of natural and man made disasters and after being abandoned for 500 years, the collossal Buddhist temple stands firm in the shadow of Mount Merapi volcano, Indonesia. Adorned by 500 Buddhas and encircled by nature stands 29 metres (95 feet) high, with six massive square platforms topped with three further circular ones. Buddhist or not, Borobudur is the ultimate destination to enjoy an unrivalled combination of history, culture, spirituality and natural beauty.

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Australasia’s record-breaking destinations

By AG STAFF | June 17, 2015

From the oldest rainforest to the youngest hot spring, the longest highway to the largest sand island, these unique locations hold the world record in their respective fields and are sure to trigger your wanderlust. We take a look at 7 of these alluring places in an extract from the original book by Samantha Wilson, Ultimate Record Breaking Destinations.