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By Fiona Harper 13 October 2023
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Community-based tourism is at the heart of Adventure World’s commitment to travel responsibly.

For more than forty years custom travel specialists have created itineraries which take travellers into the heart of a destination through immersion in communities, culture and conservation. It’s all about giving back, putting the planet and its people first while creating travel adventures with real purpose.

Adventure World has recently taken cultural immersion one step further with a focus on culinary experiences. These all-new itineraries showcase distinctive aspects of local culture through its cuisine. After all, food has long been favoured as the most authentic way to dive deep into the heart of a culture. Want to know what makes people tick? Sit down to a meal laced with friendly conversation if you really want to get to know the locals.

But dining on local cuisine at small restaurants is also an important opportunity to contribute at grassroots level to the local economy. It’s the same deal when shopping at local markets or purchasing produce direct from the farmer where cultural exchanges go well beyond a simple transaction. Ditch the chain-owned mini-market in favour of a village market and you’ll find out what’s in season, what’s being harvested from the land or sea and which snack foods are favoured. You’ll also likely pick up a few words of the local lingo too. This type of community-based tourism exchange improves income equality while also promoting environmental and cultural preservation.

Local Cambodian delicacies. Image credit: Adventure World

India is a food-lovers feast with Adventure World’s all-new Authentic Golden Triangle experiences feeding into this delicious region. While Delhi, the Taj Mahal and Jaipur all hog the limelight there’s a foodie movement gaining momentum. Take a chef’s tour through Delhi to uncover secrets behind the flavours and aromas or visit a Sikh temple where its community kitchen feeds 10,000 worshippers every day.

Conservation is at the core of Adventure World’s recently launched Authentic Africa Collection itineraries. Travellers have long been lured to the African continent for its thrilling game drives and wildlife viewing opportunities. But now you can also contribute to wildlife conservation while ensuring a positive impact on local communities and the environment.

It’s all about travelling with a purpose, being aware of your environmental footprint, while ultimately helping to give back to local communities.

No matter whether you’re keen to experience some of the world’s great urban or natural marvels, or venture far off the beaten track to view little-seen wildlife, your travels help to conserve culture, create socio-economic opportunities, protect wildlife and conserve culture. Here’s how:

Travel with purpose

Adventure World partners with several conservation organisations. For example, in Asia, Adventure World donates to Animals Asia to help fund their goal to end bear bile farming in Vietnam and conserve the endemic bear population.

On the Authentic Egypt itinerary you’ll engage with an Egyptologist to see Egypt from a local perspective. With the upcoming opening of the exciting new Grand Egypt Museum in Cairo, visitors can expect to gain a unique insight into the region’s history through the preservation of treasured artefacts presented in engaging exhibits. More than 20 years in the making since the Egyptian government launched a competition to house and display more than 100,000 of the world’s greatest artefacts and ancient treasures, the ‘GEM’ as its already affectionately known, is set to make history as one of largest, most modern museums in the world.

On a Handpicked Sri Lanka itinerary delve into 2,000 years of history where the palatial ruins of ancient cities, the impressive Sigiriya Fort and the intriguingly named Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic underpin an ancient culture which remains vibrant and relevant to today’s Sri Lankans. Tour the grounds of lush tea plantations then indulge in seafood feasts which showcase local cuisine and village life in genuine fishing villages where fishing boats line the waterfront and markets are abuzz with the day’s catch.

Sigiriya in Sri Lanka. Image credit: Adventure World.

Help to protect wildlife

Join an Authentic East Africa itinerary through Kenya to support community outreach projects in Nairobi and anti-poaching initiatives through The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The Trust raises and reintegrates orphaned elephants back into the wild along with actively engaging in conservation, community and education projects.

Authentic Gorillas and Masai Mara itineraries involve a fascinating journey through Rwanda to the Masai Mara and includes a visit to the Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Fund. The centre for gorilla conservation acts as conservation hub for ecological conservation while educating travellers in gorilla tracking and its critical role in their ultimate survival.

Experience one of the natural world’s most iconic sights: the mountain gorillas of Rwanda. Image credit: Adventure World.

Celebrate communities and conserve culture

On the Authentic Golden Triangle India itinerary you could take a tour of the medieval mystical walled city of Jaipur by eco-friendly custom designed e-rickshaws proudly driven by women from the Pink City Rickshaw Co. The not-for-profit organisation developed an initiative that not only addresses pollution levels but, importantly, provides employment opportunities for around 200 women from low economic households.

Asia is a melting pot of diversity and culture where the senses can be overloaded. It helps to travel with local guides who can interpret languages while also informing travellers of what’s important to the local population. Support disadvantaged and at-risk youths in Hanoi while dining on delicious Vietnamese cuisine on an Authentic Vietnam itinerary. Contribute to Cambodia’s Children Trust through Australian chef David Thompson’s restaurant on an Authentic Cambodia itinerary or participate in a Baci ceremony, a time-honoured ritual performed by community elders on an Authentic Luang Prabang itinerary.

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