The photographer capturing the pretty pastel hues of Byron Bay

By AG Staff February 1, 2018
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Photographer Sera Wright runs an Instagram dedicated to capturing the beautiful Byron bay landscape, but with a pink twist.

PRETTY PINK sunsets and baby blue skies, Byron Bay photographer Sera Wright has perfectly tapped into the millennial love for pastels, beach getaways and quality photography. 

Having lived in Byron Bay for her entire life she knows all the perfect photography spots and the right time to capture the secluded beach town’s famous sunsets. 

“Wherever I am, whether it be in Byron or on my travels, I get up an hour before the sun rises so I can be on location for first light, as this is when the pastel colours start to appear,” she tells Australian Geographic.

“It’s the same for sunset, the half hour after the sun sets produces some of the most beautiful colours. Byron is renowned for some pretty colourful and special sunsets.

“My favourite view to capture is looking across the Bay from Wategos Beach or The Pass towards Wollumbin/Mt Warning at sunset or sunrise, or even during the day. The sun setting across the ocean and mountains is a pretty special sight.”

byron bay pastel

byron bay pastel

byron bay pastel

Sera is sponsored by Olympus so she uses all their quality gear. 

“It’s quality is second to none. It’s light and compact making it perfect for traveling and especially trekking and bushwalking.

“I use the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark ii, 25mm(50mm) f1.2 PRO Lens, 7-14mm(14-28mm) f2.8 PRO Lens, 12-40mm(24-80mm) f2.8 PRO Lens, 40-150mm(80-300mm) f2.8 PRO Lens, 1.4x Teleconverter.”

As far as advice goes, Sera says that knowledge of the exposure triangle, while difficult to master, is essential.

“The Exposure Triangle is one thing everyone needs to learn at the beginning of photography.

“It took me ages to understand it properly, people had tried to explain it to me. I had a lesson, I read countless articles on it, then one day it just clicked and my photography improved dramatically.”

One of her favourite images, which was featured on the Australian Geographic Instagram, was a quintessentially Australian image of a Kangaroo at Yuraygir National Park, NSW.

“It reminds me of my childhood and the good times, the freedom, the nature, the beauty of Australia. Being able to capture this moment, right outside our swag, as an adult, was pretty special.”

byron bay pastel

To see more of Sera’s photography you can follow her Instagram HERE.