Box folds in Nimingarra Iron Formation, North East Pilbara, WA.

    Photo Credit: Matt Crowe

    Tolmar Falls, Litchfield National Park, NT. 

    Photo Credit: Evgeniy Bastrakov

    Aerial view of the flooded central Queensland rivers. 

    Photo Credit: Hayley Anderson

    Sandstone, Cape Banks, NSW. 

    Photo Credit: Christopher Wilson

    Toogoom Beach, Qld. 

    Photo Credit: Naomi Lee Groundwater

    Pyramid Rock at end of Porcupine Gorge, Qld. 

    Photo Credit: Robyn Mitchell

    A natural rock formation frames a view of Kalbarri National Park, WA. 

    Photo Credit: Andy Marshall

    North-west of Raft Point, WA. 

    Photo Credit: Angela Miall

    Gillards Beach, Mimosa Rocks National Park, NSW. 

    Photo Credit: Owen Stanley

    Time lapse of the ocean washing over rounded cobbles near Argunnu, Mimosa Rocks National Park, NSW. 

    Photo Credit: Bridget Ayling

    The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park, WA.

    Photo Credit: Helen Dulfer

    Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island, SA.

    Photo Credit: Kirsten Miller

    The Bungle Bungles, WA. 

    Photo Credit: Peter Power

Gallery: Top rock shots: Geoscience Australia photo contest

By AG STAFF | February 3, 2014

Each year Geoscience Australia, our geological advisory agency, opens its unusual rock-themed photography exhibition to see what snappers can make of our most valuable and oldest assets. Here are some Top GeoShots.