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Tracks II: The Last Camel Walk

In 1977 Robyn Davidson, then 27, trekked more than 2700 kilometres across the western desert from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean, accompanied by only four camels. The courageous solo expedition made news around the world and Robyn’s account of it, a book called Tracks, later became a best seller. Robyn went on to other accomplishments, but she never forgot the spiritual bond she had forged with the much-maligned desert creatures. In 1986, for Australian Geographic she told the story of her last walk with them, a funny/sad journey back to their Northern Territory home.


Road trip: Binns Track, NT

From the northern Simpson Desert’s vast expanse to Davenport NP’s rocky tracks and Gregory NP’s deep water-crossings, the Binns is a microcosm of the NT’s eternal appeal to visitors.


Flight of fancy: Kakadu Bird Week

Home to more than one-third of Australia’s avian species, Kakadu National Park is a bird-lover’s paradise, and Kakadu Bird Week is now attracting an annual migration of twitchers to this Top End treasure.


Busting a botanical myth

The NT’s Palm Valley was long thought to have been a surviving relict of Australia’s prehistoric rainforests, but we now know its trees arrived much more recently with Aboriginal horticulturalists.


In pictures: Kakadu Bird Week 2016

In October 2016, Australian Geographic travelled to the Top End for Kakadu Bird Week, when twitchers from around Australia flock to this bird-watching paradise – home to a third of the country’s bird species – for a specialised program of bird-watching tours and activities. Read more about Kakadu Bird Week 2016 in AG#136, out now.


Rainbow bee eater

Rainbow bee eater (Merops ornatus) perched on a branch above the Injaidan rockhole in Iytwelepenty-Davenport Ranges National Park, Northern Territory.