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History & Culture

Lost photos of Brisbane 120 years ago

Photos found a Brisbane house showing the city at the turn of last century show a rare glimpse into the past. The 100-year-old images were discovered in the suburb of Red Hill. Amateur photographer Alfred Elliott had keenly documented changes in the city over 50 years, from the time he acquired his first camera in 1890. Elliot’s photos include historic events such as royal visits and troops going off to the Boer War in South Africa. Hundreds of glass plates and film negatives were found when the Brisbane Council purchased the house in the early 1980s, where they were stored in cigar boxes. The photos are on display as part of ‘The View From Here‘ exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane, 13 February – 30 August 2015.

History & Culture

The Digger’s view: WWI photos in colour

Monochrome images of war-torn landscapes, of dark skies and mud-laden boots trigger a distant memory of a bygone era. But not anymore. For over five years, policeman Juan Mahony persevered to revitalise a collection of World War I images, in colour, to make this slice of our history more accessible. Working alongside a team of digital artists, he made many visits to museums, studying original army uniforms and equipment from the Australian War Memorial, to achieve a real-life colour representation of individual soldiers and their stories. Juan was inspired by the 1916 death of his great uncle on the Western Front to get every detail right. He published the images in his book: The Digger’s View.

History & Culture

Gallery: Australia in the sixties

Aussies mixed protests with mini-skirts during this swirling melting-pot of an era. Whether you remember it or not most people declare that the sixties began in the US and Britain in 1963 and died in 1974. It was an era characterised by huge changes to daily life as technology penetrated homes and our the social fabric was torn apart and sewn back together as a mini-skirt. Ron and Elizabeth Morrison where some of the first ’60s freelance news photographers in Australia, and here are some images from their book Those Were the Days: Australia in the sixties.