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Rees-Dart Track, NZ

Reaching the Cascade Saddle is said to be a highlight of a trek along the Rees-Dart Track in New Zealand’s Southern Alps… but is getting there a trek too far?


The secret way

Machu Picchu is on your bucket list but you’re not keen on the crowds walking the Inca Trail to get there. The solution? Tackle the more remote – and exciting – Inca Rivers Trek. There are no crowds and you’ll get the chance to explore one of Peru’s spectacular ancient secrets: Choquequirao.


Two of NZ’s best hikes

It’s nearly time for bookings for NZ’s awesome Great Walks to open for the 2016/17 trekking season. Here’s two of the best to get you psyched to push that “Booked” button!


Adventure: Teton Crest Trail

One of North America’s best treks, the Teton Crest Trail is a gruelling series of switchbacks through Wyoming’s alpine wilderness, where the biggest hazard is neither bears nor moose, but fatigue.


Wonder Wall

Jinshanling is a great base for exploring China’s Great Wall. No crowds, only epic contrasts. Trek one way to see beautifully restored watchtowers, the other to explore an ancient, overgrown monument in the wilderness.


Destination: Lofoten, Norway

Despite the constant daylight in the land of the midnight sun, the weather can be fickle, almost vindictive, but the effort to get here is rewarded with the magnificent grandeur of a spectacular landscape.


Annapurna adventure in Nepal

Forging towards Annapurna massif in spring starts off nice and warm for Australian Geographic Adventure photographer Watto, but as often happens in the Himalaya, the weather makes a sudden, cool change. But the reward is easily worth the effort.