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The return of the Gouldians

One of the world’s most beautiful birds has been recently recorded in flocks of up to 200 in tropical north Queensland, where previously only a few individuals had been reported since last century.


GALLERY: the richly-coloured finches of Queensland

Queensland has the highest bird populations of any state, the most spectacular residing in the far north expanses of the Wet Tropics and Cape York. The state is also a haven for a diverse and richly coloured group of finches substantial enough that it’s home to the largest specialist bird club in Australia, the Queensland Finch Society, who are dedicated to rehabilitating the states iconic species. According to Gary Fitt, the current president of the society, “there are only three finch species in Australia that don’t occur in QLD, meaning 15 of the 18 species are in QLD.


Gallery: Gouldian Finch

The exquisite Gouldian finch is one of the world’s most prized caged birds.They once gathered together in the many hundreds but now the biggest flocks, found in the NT and the Kimberley, number little more than a few hundred.