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GALLERY: Portraits of pachyderms

A celebration of elephants for World Elephant Day, seen through the lens of acclaimed Australian photographer Bobby-Jo Clow. Elephants are enormous, unmistakable — and irreplaceable. No other creature has such a long-shared history with humanity while remaining largely undomesticated. But today, despite 4000 years of coexistence, we seem determined to destroy them. It’s estimated that a wild elephant is lost to the world every 15 minutes. From the rusty, red plains of Tsavo to the lush, green forests of northern Thailand, Bobby-Jo has captured every aspect of elephant life — from first step to untimely death — in her book Reflections of Elephants. Her astonishing images have been paired with the words of writers, poets, scientists, conservationists, students and everyday people, to produce unique reflections of this most iconic animal.