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Adventure guide to Canada

It’s the world’s second-biggest country, it is incredibly easy to get to – and get around – and it’s chock-full of adventures for all ages. Whether you’re after huge hikes, exciting paddling, some of the world’s best MTB trails and ski terrain, epic climbing, brilliant family camping, or want to see some of the planet’s most iconic animals in the wild, Canada is where it’s at for Australian Geographic Adventure readers.


Five paddling adventures

Want to experience the paddling trip of a lifetime? Whether an exploratory kayak expedition, a family canoe journey or a fun multi-day event, there’s a paddling memory-in-waiting here for everyone.


Something secret this way

No matter what your preferred outdoor adventure, the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast in British Columbia, Canada, offers something for everyone, all wrapped in breathtaking scenery.


More than a Rocky ride

Imagine riding Vancouver’s North Shore with Rocky Mountain Bicycles’ Wade Simmons and ex-Olympian rider Andreas Hestler. Talk about feeling out of your depth.