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2008 AG Society awards wrap

The 12 recipients of the 2008 Australian Geographic Society Awards include conservation pioneers, a mother and daughter mountaineering team and two sets of young men who’ve completed world-first adventures.

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The AG Society Blog: Inspiration from the inbox

I sit here wondering how I will find the time to write an update for this blog on a regular basis. How will I crawl out from under the ever growing pile of paper that covers my desk? Where will the inspiration come from to write something… anything?

And then I get an update from Andrew Hughes…

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The AG Society Blog: And the winner is…Wolbachia!

After a long and interesting meeting on Monday the sponsorships for July have been chosen.

To my delight they include the wonderful Wolbachia project that I mentioned last week on the blog. Katherine Barry from Macquarie Uni in Sydney will be studying the Wolbachia bacteria that creates…

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The AG Society Blog: Science IS an adventure

In August the AG Society will take part in the biggest Science Week event for school kids in Australia. Science in the City at the Australian Museum aims to promote science in new and exciting ways to thousands of school kids from primary to high school.

And have we got a surprise for them!

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The AG Society Blog: Quoll questioning

When Australian Geographic readers ask questions, we do our best to provide the answer.

If you take a look at our appeal for the spotted quoll article, you will see a very interesting question from an avid reader, iheartquolls, who asks…

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Pedal to the medal

Searching through the pictures from the AG Awards I find myself realising just how much fun I missed out on while running around behind the scenes.

The night was a fantastic success with people from all walks of life…