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Australia: The best places to visit in 2024

Australia is an amazing destination, with ethereal landscapes, wildlife found nowhere else, quirky communities and amazing cultural experiences. We have come up with a calendar of the best places to go in Australia in 2024, and in which month. Where and when will you go?


Explore wild Western Australia

From the luminous blues of the sea and sky to the rusty red earth and the emerald hues of ancient rainforests, Western Australia’s dramatic landscape is a dazzling canvas of colour that spans a third of the continent. From the serene to the surreal, its diversity of landscape and ancient culture lures visitors in search of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Wild awaits

Wild, wide and wonderful: head off on an Australia and New Zealand adventure with AAT Kings.


Going beyond the icon

Sometimes the extent of a journey isn’t measured by distance, but by the new thoughts and feelings it generates. So I discovered when I recently took an Indigenous-guided tour at Uluru.