Protect golden-shouldered parrot chicks

By AG STAFF 8 January 2024
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Australian Geographic Society’s January – February 2024 fundraiser.

Help recover the endangered golden-shouldered parrot (Psephotus chrysopterygius) by protecting chicks from predators.

The Australian Geographic Society is supporting a project, being run by not-for-profit group Conservation Partners at Artemis station on the Cape York Peninsula, to protect 20 nests from predators during the May–July breeding season.

Your donations will be used to buy, install and maintain small electric fences around the bases of termite mounds where the parrots nest.

Monitoring in 2022 showed that nestlings in unprotected nests were killed by predators, while chicks in nests protected with the fences survived.

Because the parrots lay five eggs per nest, protecting 20 nests could more than double the golden-shouldered parrot population on Artemis station, where only 50–70 parrots remain. 

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