Help our fragile southern brush-tailed rock-wallabies beat extinction

By AG STAFF 13 January 2022
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With only 170 southern brush-tailed rock-wallabies left, the threat of the summer bushfires of 2019/20 was almost enough to wipe out the entire species.

Odonata’s sanctuary, Mount Rothwell, is home to a population of southern brush-tailed rock wallabies and it was here that other evacuated populations were moved to. A philanthropist has now offered the embattled species another lifeline with a 600ha property near Avenel in Victoria. 

Renamed Widgewah Conservation Reserve, this sanctuary is being managed by Odonata in preparation to welcome its first rock-wallabies from Mount Rothwell in 2022 with 90ha set aside to support 200 animals. This is a significant step in supporting this species. However, by spreading populations across several productive wildlife sanctuaries there is a strong support system in place that will hopefully allow this species to grow and flourish.