Help the Forktree Project restore native habitat on the Fleurieu Peninsula

By Australian Geographic 1 August 2021
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Rewilding at The Forktree Project: creating habitat to reverse biodiversity loss and sequester carbon.

Australian Geographic is proud to support the Forktree project to return a degraded 53-hectare former pastoral property in South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula back to nature and aims to demonstrate how small to medium-sized properties can make a real difference.

The work at the Forktree Project involves re-establishing tens of thousands of native trees, shrubs and grasses, which will in turn bring back native animals, insects and birds as well as sequester tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon. A native seed nursery and rare seed orchard are also being established.

Importantly, the Forktree Project also aims to increase responsible environmental stewardship in the community through education, inspiration and the modelling of proactive sustainable practices.