Help save the Murray River turtles

By AG Society 27 June 2017
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The Murray River turtle are fighting extinction. Help us bring the Murray Turtle back from the brink.

TURTLES IN THE Murray River are at risk of extinction, with a decline of more than 70 per cent from numbers 40 years ago.

Protecting nesting sites and controlling foxes to reduce predation is critical to give the turtles a chance to build up a strong population.

The Murray is home to three freshwater turtle species: the Macquarie (or Murray River) turtle, the eastern long-necked turtle and the broad-shelled turtle.

Funds raised will support the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife conduct the largest river study of turtles in Australia.

Genetic analysis, ecological techniques, local indigenous knowledge and a citizen science project will be used to obtain the most comprehensive data possible.

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