Help save quolls

By AG Staff 27 August 2015
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Struggling quoll populations need urgent support to survive


At one time, most of Australia was home to at least one of our four species of quoll. In the past few hundred years, however, the little carnivores have been reduced to fragmented populations on the edges of the mainland and Tasmania.

Northern and spotted-tailed quolls are today endangered, while the western quoll is listed as vulnerable. By donating, you’ll be helping the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC), which is training northern quolls to avoid eating toxic cane toads.

You’ll also be supporting the Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered species (FAME); this conservation group helped to re-establish mainland populations of eastern quoll, using animals from Tasmania, after the species became extinct across much of the continent in the 1960s (see AG 82). FAME is now reintroducing western quolls to 
the Flinders Ranges National Park, in South Australia.