Rescue the leadbeater possum

By AG STAFF 23 June 2015
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Help save the possum magic by securing our populations of Leadbeater’s possum


LEADBEATER’S POSSUM WAS classified by the federal government as critically endangered in April 2015.

In response, the AG Society is raising funds for Zoos Victoria and Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum (FLP) to support the conservation of this iconic Victorian species. Zoos Victoria will continue two decades of survey work and further develop a captive-breeding program to protect the  limited genetics of the possum’s lowland population at Yellingbo Conservation Reserve, east of Melbourne.

FLP will install and monitor nest boxes and support habitat revegetation as part of a range of conservation responses. Community support is fundamental to securing the Leadbeater’s possum’s recovery, and plays a part in both programs.