Save the bilby fundraiser

By AG Society March 20, 2014
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Help save our bilbies from disappearing.


THE GREATER BILBY is listed as vulnerable or endangered in many parts of its range and is in danger of disappearing. Although threatened by habitat loss, predation and competition from introduced species, the remaining bilby populations could be protected from further declines with new measures. The Save the Bilby Fund is striving to help this unique Australian animal – help them continue their valuable work by donating in store or online.


Did you know

  • Bilbies dig spiralling burrows up to 2 metres deep.
  • Bilbies have a pouch for their young that opens backwards so it does not fill with dirt when burrowing.
  • The Greater bilby once had a close relative, the Lesser bilby, which has since been pronounced extinct. 

Saving the bilby

One cause for hope is the National Recovery Plan established in 2006, which aims to accurately map where the greater bilby lives, as well as threats to its long-term survival. Funds raised during this campaign will go to the Save the Bilby Fund which enlists the help of conservationists and volunteers working to protect the bilby.

Make a difference

The bilby brothers, Frank Manthey and Peter McRae, started the Save the Bilby Fund in 1999. Since then, the fund has supported the National Recovery Plan and implemented novel measures to help assist dwindling bilby populations. One of their major achievements has been building the ‘bilby fence’ in Currawinya National Park, Queensland, whereby of habitat was fenced off to keep out feral cats and foxes. These kinds of efforts require significant ongoing funding. In order to continue their work, they urgently need your support.