Brighter future for squirrel gliders

By AG STAFF 4 September 2023
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Your donations have helped secured the future of these endangered marsupials.

Funds donated to Australian Geographic’s squirrel glider fundraiser have allowed Aussie Ark to install more than 250 nest boxes for squirrel gliders (Petaurus norfolcensis).

Wild squirrel glider populations have been found in Aussie Ark’s Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary and the Mongo Valley Wildlife Sanctuary and the Australian Geographic-supported nest boxes will encourage population growth at these enclaves.

They will serve as intermediate shelter and breeding habitat until the food-source trees planted in both of the sanctuaries mature.

Aussie Ark has also celebrated the birth of its first captive-bred squirrel glider. New parents, Gamora and Starlord, welcomed a female joey called Hope.

Initial health checks were conducted in December last year and revealed a healthy joey, weighing 63g. Hope progressed well, weighing 173g at her subsequent check last January.

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