‘Australia’s Most Endangered’: Introducing Australian Geographic Society’s new fundraisers

By Chrissie Goldrick, Australian Geographic Society Chair February 29, 2024
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We are refreshing our public fundraising campaigns, in line with our commitment to seek greater impact on nature’s most urgent concerns.

To support this new campaign, the Australian Geographic Society will identify conservation organisations working at scale across the nation and partner with those that are deploying the latest science and innovative technologies, calling on First Nations knowledge for help, enjoying strong community engagement, and running highly effective public education programs.

Each partner will become the beneficiary of all funds contributed through this program for a period of one year. In this way we hope to create real impact and measurable conservation outcomes for the vital funds that you – our readers and supporters – so generously donate to us. All of these drives will highlight the plight of a new species with every new edition of your AUSTRALIAN GEOGRAPHIC magazine.

Our first partner is Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC), a national operation that’s a global leader in conservation with its science-informed land-management partnership model. Through a large and growing network of sanctuaries located across the continent, AWC aims to protect species and the ecosystems they depend on. The organisation engages in fire management, feral-animal control, weed eradication and translocations of threatened species into fenced, feral-free sanctuaries.

AWC doesn’t just seek to protect existing biodiversity, but to improve it, and has grown to become Australia’s largest non-government conservation organisation. During the coming year, the AGS will identify six native species on which to focus our fundraising activities and direct those funds towards AWC’s conservation efforts.

Because we are close to Easter, we kick off the new program with the gorgeous greater bilby.

We’re grateful for your ongoing generous support of our fundraisers, and will continue to ensure the money is used to the greatest effect to help our precious wildlife.

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