Kate Leeming

Adventurer, Explorer, Cyclist, Tennis player, Activist, Author

Kate Leeming is more than just a cyclist – she’s a passionate advocate for human rights and social justice. Throughout her cycling career, she’s used her expeditions across the world to investigate and shed light on different social and environmental issues, raising money and awareness as she goes. One of her most notable journeys was in 2010, when Kate spent 10 months cycling 22,040km across Africa in a continuous line, in what is believed to be a world first. The main purpose of the project was to explore the causes and effects of extreme poverty. Throughout Kate’s lifetime, her cycling adventures have totalled to be the equivalent of twice around the world at the equator – all promoting amazing causes. Off the bike and onto the tennis court, Kate is also a highly regarded world tennis champion, winning 5 Australian Open singles titles, 6 doubles titles and has achieved a highest ranking of World No.2 Woman Player. Her achievements, physically, mentally and philanthropically, have endowed her with a compelling and inspiring story of what can be achieved with hard work and perseverance.


“Thank you for the wonderful address you gave last night. I think we were all inspired and stunned, in equal measure!” – Professor Helen Wildy, Dean, Faculty of Education, The University of Western Australia

“It was a privilege to hear your remarkably courageous and inspirational story. It was a lovely surprise to get such a unique and magical insight into Africa.
Feedback from the group was universally exceptional.” – Tim Steele, Director, AMP Horizons

“…But it is not just her achievement which is extraordinary, she is a very gifted speaker and has a great talent at homing in on the small detail to get across the enormity of her undertaking. Her tale, the way she tells it, is both funny and moving…” – Carol Wilson, Managing Director, Performance Coach Training (UK)

“A few weeks ago, Kate came to Genazzano to speak to the year 8, 11 and 12 girls about her incredible adventure through Africa. She showed us that no matter how big or unusual your dream may be, with the right attitude, you can turn your dream into your reality, just like she did. Many girls left with the motivation to reach for their goals, all thanks to Kate. She is an inspirational woman, and we hope we can follow in her footsteps by reaching for our goals.” – Lucynda Tomaino, Year 11, Genazzano College

Presentation Topics

•    Breaking the Cycle: The story of the expedition
•    True MADness (Making A Difference): A greater focus on poverty-related issues within the story
•    Delivering Your DREAMs: A focus on goal setting and planning within the story – Identifying and developing core values; The skills required to stay focused and adapt dreams or goals to changing circumstances; “How do we get there?” rather than “What will stop us?”; Upholding a positive attitude, developing resilience and finding solutions