Category: Wallpaper


Sun seekers

North Curl Curl Beach in the north of Sydney bustles with swimmers and sunbathers on the 2015 Australia Day weekend. This photo was taken by a drone, which took off from nearby cliffs.


Brumbies in Kosciuszko NP, NSW

Immortalised by poet Banjo Paterson, mountain brumbies now have the run of grassy Currango Plain in Kosciuszko National Park. Either historical icon or environmental vandal, these feral horses polarise opinion like no other introduced species – and they make for striking photography.


Sea lion, Hopkins Island, SA

Swimming with wild sea lions at Seal Cove on Hopkins Island, South Australia, just a short boat ride from Point Lincoln. The Hopkins colony has become to human visitors on guided tours.


Canberra Balloon Spectacular

Hot air balloons drift serenely through the skies above Canberra at the 2015 Canberra Balloon Spectacular, one of the top hot-air ballooning events in the world.


Milky Way above Rainbow Valley, NT

The bright glow of the Milky Way sets the night sky ablaze above Rainbow Valley, part of the James Range, 75km south of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. The planet Venus can be seen rising to the left.