Simon Cherriman

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Warrior for Australian Wildlife, Environmentalist, Biologist, Educator, Film-maker, AG Young Conservationist

Instructive and Inspiring keynote and workshop presenter drawing lessons from Australia’s wildlife and wild places.

Simon established iNSiGHT Ornithology in 2008, which is a unique, one-man environmental business which aims to ENGAGE and iNSPIRE people about their environment, mainly through the fascinating science of birds. He is a naturally engaging educator and especially gifted at relating to children and young people. Simon says the three things that ‘sum him up’ are ‘being outdoors’, ‘climbing trees and abseiling’ and ‘wildlife’ especially wedge tailed eagles, but he says it all better himself here.

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Presentation Topics

Simon’s enthusiasm is so engaging, and his passionate talks will have you sitting on the edge of your seat eager for the next incredible episode. He is well-educated in his field of expertise and manages to intersperse facts with lots of humour so that audiences are guaranteed to have a fantastic time.

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