Noel Butler

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Indigenous Elder, Conservationist, Educator and Sustainability Advocate

Noel Butler is a Budawang Elder of the Yuin Nation South Coast NSW. He is a qualified teacher and mentor and has been working as a Cultural Educator for over 30 years, running specific programs for all sectors and has written his own accredited curriculum.

Noel has taken his cultural teachings overseas on many occasions and was speaker at the World Indigenous Conference on sustainability in India 2016. He continues to deliver educational programs on Indigenous Health through understanding of our natural environment and the food it produces.

Noel’s interactive lessons through walks, camps and cook-ups are inclusive of everyone who call themselves Australian and who has a desire to learn and continue the Traditional Cultural values of this country through environmental education.

Conservation is his forte as he himself grew up in Ulladulla in a family of 8 who had to collect their own food from a very young age; his knowledge has passed down from his Elders to enable a sustainable lifestyle even in a new world that was now more foreign than his forefathers.

Noel is an accomplished speaker who delivers his knowledge on Aboriginal Culture with passion and urgency.

Enquire about Noel Butler

Enquire about Noel Butler