Lisa Blair

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Trail Blazer, Explorer, AG Spirit of Adventure Award winner

Inspirational Keynote Speaker with themes including Self Determination, Goal Setting, Persistence and Overcoming Self Doubt.

Lisa sailed into the history books when after more than three months at sea, she completed the first solo circumnavigation of Antarctica by a woman. On that trip she faced monumental challenges, and she surmounted them all without outside aid.

She’s a passionate sailor and climate change warrior. Her story and her message will fascinate, challenge and uplift any audience.

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“Lisa’s is a captivating presenter. She delivered a real-life story of courage and resilience that left us inspired with the power of persistence to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.” Steve Harris – CEO The Brand Agency

“Lisa’s story is captivating. Firstly enthralling us with her dream and passion for her task at hand, then taking us on her journey of euphoria, tears, heartbreak and finally success. Lisa is an extraordinary lady with a big heart and special story to tell. Those that take the time to listen to her come out of with life lessons and are better people for it.”

“We had Lisa tell her story to 150 Salvation Army Leaders. She is one amazing lady who has an incredible story of motivation and resilience. She was inspiring and our leaders went away encouraged to follow their dreams and stick at it when the going gets tough! A great night.” – Sandra Godkin, Divisional Leader, Salvation Army

“Thank you so much Lisa for your presentation. Your adventures are just too awesome to put into words. That you coped with being alone for so long is amazing. That you were in such a potentially hostile environment is more amazing. That you coped with dismasting and monstrous storms is more amazing still. That you had the ability and mental stamina to create ‘plan B’, repair your yacht and resume your goal is beyond belief. Your talk was the highlight of the day.”
Roger French, Health Director and Editor, Natural Health Society of Australia

Read more about how Lisa Blair became first woman to solo circumnavigate Antarctica here.

Presentation Topics

Lisa’s inspiring topics covered in her presentations include:

  • Motivation
  • Goal Setting
  • Resilience
  • Female empowerment

More about Lisa Blair

Sailing her yacht Climate Action Now, Lisa was circumnavigating Antarctica solo, non-stop and unassisted with the goal of becoming the first woman and the fastest to do so. On day 72 of her solo journey, in the world’s most dangerous ocean, it all changed as her mast came crashing down in the night after a piece of rigging failed. Her focus went from setting a world record to simply surviving the night as she fought to save her boat in storm conditions. Lisa was over 1000 nm from land and the nearest vessel was days away as she battled to keep afloat fighting into the night. After four hours of freezing conditions Lisa was able to cut away the mast, ultimately saving her yacht and her life, before finally going below to self-treat for hypothermia.

3 days later Lisa was rendered fuel from a diverted container ship, 800nm from land. Rough conditions and language difficulties resulted in a collision at sea further damaging her already stricken vessel. Showing her resilience Lisa was determined to save her yacht and continue to South Africa. Lisa worked out how to build a jury rig from her boom and motor-sailed her yacht to Cape Town where she stepped on land for the first time in 81 days. For most people this would be the end of their journey but not for Lisa. With her ‘never give up’ attitude Lisa repaired the boat, replaced the mast and set off once again for the Southern Ocean. Lisa battled through increasingly larger storms in the Southern Ocean facing 15 meter waves, snow storms and the most difficult challenge of all – self-doubt. Lisa overcame these major challenges and was able to successfully sail the final leg back to Australia where she became the first woman in history to sail solo around Antarctica with one stop.

Lisa was awarded the Spirit of Adventure award by Australian Geographic and the Seamanship Award by the Ocean Cruising Club and finished off the year by partnering with The Magenta and leading the first all-female team in 16 years to race in the Rolex 2017 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race on board her yacht Climate Action Now. Lisa has now sailed over 70 000nm and turns her attention to finishing her first book titled Demasted which is to be published by Australian Geographic this year. Lisa recently returned from her latest sailing campaign, making her the first women to sail solo around Australia.

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Watch a preview of Lisa’s upcoming documentary Ice Maidens here:

See Lisa on the Channel 7 News after her successful solo circumnavigation of Australia.