Huw Kingston

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Adventurer, Environmentalist, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, AG Adventurer of the Year

Uplifting Keynote Speaker with fascinating stories from a year-long circumnavigation of the Mediterranean Sea. Huw also has a long, long involvement in the fight against plastic pollution; very much an issue for our times.

Huw is a serial adventurer, passionate speaker, entrepreneur, environmentalist and writer. He is certainly never short of a story to tell.

Huw has been wandering the world’s wild places for over 30 years including 25,000km around Australia and long journeys through the Himalaya by ski.

In mid-2015 Huw returned from his grandest adventure to date – a year-long, human-powered circumnavigation of the Mediterranean Sea. Beginning and ending at Gallipoli, the journey was a commemoration of the Anzac Centenary. Huw sea kayaked, rowed a boat, walked and cycled 13,000 kilometres through 17 countries.

Aside from the vast personal, logistical and geopolitical challenges this expedition posed, Huw also sought to highlight the heart wrenching plight of innocent children caught up in the conflict of warring ‘grown-ups’. He partnered with Save The Children Australia and became their biggest ever individual fundraiser. He continues to work closely with the charity as an  Ambassador.