Dr. Glenn Singleman

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Trail Blazer, Explorer, Adventurer, Scientist, Spirit of Adventure Award x 2

Instructive and Inspirational Keynote Speaker with themes including Mastering the Mind, Understanding and Overcoming Fear, Trust and Peak Performance.

Glenn has three careers – Medical Doctor, Documentary Film-maker and Pioneering Adventurer with a career highlighted by World Records and world firsts. He is also a member of Hollywood Director, James Cameron’s documentary team. He draws on stories from a distinguished career spanning almost three decades and his many expeditions – ranging from climbing a remote mountain in Antarctica, to flying the first Hot Air Balloons over Mt Everest, setting World Records in high-altitude Himalayan BASEjumping, to Deep Sea Challenger, which saw James Cameron reach the deepest part of the ocean – to illustrate how to realise our potential and achieve our dreams by understanding and better using our minds.

The power of his message and his popularity as a speaker has taken him around the world, addressing audiences as large as 15,000 people.

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Read more about Glenn’s record breaking Grand Canyon flight here. 


“Glenn isn’t ‘out there’ like so many others, he is simply a man determined to challenge both himself and his environment and to give his audience a wonderful insight into the capabilities that lie within us all.” – Professional Conference Organisers Australia

“In staging a successful event, you have to find a “WOW” segment. You certainly provided that element and more! No matter what personal fears we all have, you showed that there is really no limit to what one can achieve if one sets one’s mind to it. Glenn, we all climb our different mountains every day of our lives. You’ve shown us how we can harness the fear and turn it into positive thrust. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”. – Commonwealth Bank Australia

“Glenn was the highlight of our conference. He delivered a powerful and inspiring keynote that incorporated incredible visuals, captivating stories and cutting edge science on human performance. Our delegates were impressed not only with his almost unbelievable achievements but also with his openness to their endless questions and his down-to-earth manner. I highly recommend him.”: – Seagate Technology

Presentation Topics

Since 1992 when he was first invited to speak about his experiences and the lessons relevant to corporate teams, he has wowed audiences all over the world.  The combination of his awe-inspiring achievements, his gift for story telling and the incredible still images and video he uses to support his keynote is unforgettable.

Major themes include:

  • Peak performance strategy
  • Transformation
  • High performance leaders and teams
  • Risk management
  • Understanding the mind
  • Fear (it’s impact and how to channel it into positive energy)
  • Staying motivated
  • Change mastery
  • Coping with adversity and personal disruption.

More about Glenn Singleman

Dr. Glenn Singleman is one of Australia’s best-known adventurers. He is a World-Record-holding extreme sport athlete, an award-winning documentary film-maker and a practicing medical doctor specializing in Remote, Rural and Expedition medicine.  His special interest is the neuroscience of cognitive control.

Glenn has travelled to the remotest corners of the planet to explore, discover and test the boundaries of what’s possible. He’s summited a remote unclimbed peak in Antarctica; he was part of the team that flew the first hot air balloons over Mt Everest; he made the first ever high altitude BASEjump from a Himalayan mountain in Pakistan (6000m), and broke that record with a higher jump from Mt Meru (6672m) in the Indian Himalaya in 2006.

In 2015 he led the high-performance wingsuit team that made the first (and only) wingsuit crossing of The Grand Canyon – jumping from 30,000 feet and flying over 12 kilometres. He also led the first wingsuit flights across Sydney Harbour, Brisbane city, Lake Eyre and Wilpena Pound in remote central Australia, to mention just a few.

Glenn is Australia’s best-known wingsuit pilot with an impeccable safety record on over 1000 wingsuit flights. He has featured twice on Australian Story, three times on 60 Minutes and many other current affairs and news segments. He has also featured in a number of international documentaries including most recently ‘The Search for Freedom’. He is a recipient of many prestigious awards including the ‘Spirit of Adventure Award’ (twice) for excellence by the Australian Geographic Society.

Glenn is a key member of James Cameron’s documentary team, having undertaken four major projects with the acclaimed Hollywood Director (Terminator, Titanic, Avatar), including the 2012 Deep Sea Challenger Expedition. Glenn was part of the management team, and also responsible for designing and managing James Cameron’s life support. The Deep Sea Challenger Team successfully built a submersible capable of carrying James Cameron to the deepest part of the ocean – The Mariana Trench – and return.

Glenn has made many successful films for National Geographic International including BASEClimb, which continues to win awards as one of the best adventure documentaries of all time. He was 2nd Unit Director on the Deep Sea Challenger Documentary.

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