Caroline Pemberton

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Adventurer, Environmentalist, Entrepreneur

Experienced MC and Facilitator

Caroline is an Australian Television Presenter & Producer, Adventure Addict and former Miss Australia…

Caroline spends much of her life either in front or behind the camera creating travel, adventure and action sports programming and has produced and presented for ‘Outside Television’s programme ‘Dispatches’ in the US, filed stories from Antarctica, New Zealand, East Timor and China for the top rating travel program ‘Getaway’ on Channel 9, and currently works on Channel 10’s ‘Places We Go’ & ‘The Offroad Adventure Show’ as well as for Australian Geographic on both their ‘Adventures’ TV series as well as their ‘Explores’ Documentary series. She gained much of her experience presenting for Foxsports News, Australia.

With many years working on a wide range of media; from lifestyle and travel, to commercial campaigns, anchoring the news and even creating online marketing and corporate films, Caroline is comfortable on any set and loves it all, whether she’s jumping into minus two-degree water in Antarctica or working in a state-of-the-art studio.

Caroline is currently developing her own television series called ‘ Unplugged’ which aims to inspire people to ‘log off and live’ by putting down their devices and finding perspective in the world around them.

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“A fabulous and interesting woman, with travel and adventure experiences under her belt that many of us will probably never know and yet willing to share the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to the behind the scenes travel and adventure lifestyle. This fresh approach see’s Caroline easily connecting with others, encouraging others to leave the confines of their comfort zone and embrace a new adventure- whether that be a physical or metaphorical one!
Caroline is as professional as they come, yet her honest, raw and funny story telling, along with her natural Aussie vibe will see us asking her to be a regular on our team of inspiring speakers at future events.” – Travel Play Live Magazine

“Caroline Pemberton embodies the Australian spirit of adventure. Her skills as an adventurer, writer, event emcee, documentary producer and TV presenter maker her the perfect ambassador for Australian Geographic. I highly recommend Caroline as a public speaker for her authenticity, warm and engaging manner and the wide variety of experiences that she has to draw upon.” – Australian Geographic

“Caroline emceed our Adventure in Motion event at the Adventure Travel World Summit in Alaska. She did an excellent job on the stage, both emceeing and giving a keynote on media & storytelling to boot! We were thrilled with her energy, poise, enthusiasm and connectivity with the audience. She’s a natural on Stage.” – Adventure Travel Trade Association

Presentation Topics

BeYoutiful You – Lessons in vulnerability, authenticity & self acceptance (All the things surviving a beauty pageant taught her)

Real Body Image – Having worked as a model for more than half her life, Caroline is a fierce proponent of healthy body image and draws upon her unique experiences to highlight the unrealistic expectations and the dangers we face in a social media world that breeds a climate of comparison. She stands by the idea that it isn’t about what your body looks like, but about what it can do that is most important.

Adventure is the Answer – The power of stretching your boundaries, why failure is a critical part of success and how everyday adventures and challenges can shape your character.

Logging off & Living – the power of unplugging and finding digital balance in our hyper connected world

Down to earth she has a conversational, openhearted style that can engage any audience or crowd.

More speaker topics include:

  • The Power of Storytelling & Why Your Content Marketing Sux
  • 7 Lessons in Failure from one of the 7 Summits
  • From Miss Australia to MissAdventure – Caroline’s story

More about Caroline Pemberton

Caroline Pemberton is a renowned speaker, adventurer, television presenter and producer who once upon a time, was also crowned Miss Australia. Caroline uses her glittery past and time in the spotlight to inspire young girls to take control of their bodies and their destinies, through exploration, adventure and travel. As such, she’s earnt herself the accurate nickname MissAdventure in the process, which has also become the name of her personal brand which promotes healthy and active lifestyles to young Australian girls.

Caroline has been a presenter for top rating television program Getaway, has published writing on travel, tourism and adventure, and has begun a movement to empower the next generation of girls through adventure. Her adventures have taken her to Mount Everest, cave diving beneath rural farmlands, joining a world record paragliding expedition in Bali, and ski mountaineering one of the seven summits in Russia. Caroline is also one of the founders of the Australian Women’s Adventure Alliance.

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