Ant Williams

World Record Holding Freediver Ant Williams holds the World Record as the deepest man under ice. An in-demand keynote speaker, Ant explains the value of positive risk taking in business and in life. For over a decade, he’s developed the leaders of Blue-Chip companies teaching mental toughness to help them build courage, perform under pressure and deliver consistent results.

Ant worked as a Sport Psychologist coaching big wave surfers, motoGP riders, rock climbers and other risk takers on how to break through mental barriers when he realised, according to him, he was a fraud. He hadn’t done anything risky in his life. He wanted to know if anyone could learn how to become a risk taker. So Ant decided to take up freediving and learn firsthand how to perform under pressure.

As one of the deepest men in the world, Ant has pushed through both physical and mental barriers to hold his breath for over 8 minutes, dive to -100m and to swim 240m on one breath. In short, he knows how to overcome some of the most demanding and uncomfortable challenges a person can face. Ant teaches others how to “lean into discomfort” and take positive, calculated risk.

In his keynotes and workshops, Ant helps leaders find their courage to shift organisational direction and take on the challenges of modern disruption. For past 8 years Ant worked as an Associate Director with leadership consulting firm Maximus. While there he sponsored multiple key accounts including Telstra Channel Management, Estée Lauder, Asciano, AustralianSuper, Fitness First and Tabcorp. He’s an authentic presenter who offers a unique blend of entertainment and interaction with a powerful message.

Why use Ant


“Your presentation at Macquarie yesterday was awesome I was absolutely enraptured as were my colleagues.

You were able to bring us all on a journey with you, we felt your highs, lows, solitude and terror; it was amazing the way you did this. I found myself anxious before we did the holding the breath challenge and relieved once done. The way you seamlessly linked your rich experiences with our working environment and challenges was very clever, you left a very strong impression on me and on everyone else in the room”

Macquarie Bank 2016