Andrew Lock OAM

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Trail Blazer, Explorer, Author, AG Adventurer of the Year twice. The only Australian to have climbed all 14 of the World’s 8000 metre mountains

Inspirational Keynote Speaker with themes including Leadership, Team Work, Overcoming Adversity and Innovation

Andrew is one of the World’s best alpinists. As well as being the most accomplished high-altitude mountaineer in Australian history, he is the only Australian, the first person in the British Commonwealth, and just the 18th man in the world, to climb all fourteen of the world’s 8000 metre mountains.  His achievements encompass 18 successful assents of those 8000 metre peaks, including climbing Mt Everest twice. Additionally, Andrew accomplished the first Australian ascent of 6 of those mountains.

Andrew is an accomplished, generous, and humble presenter. He has worked hard to translate the many lessons of high-altitude mountaineering for any goal in any walk of life.

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“I applaud Andrew on his approach and commitment to our Forum. It is rare to find a key note speaker who is willing to commit so much time and energy into getting to know and understand the organisation to whom they are speaker. Andrew did this and subsequently tailored his presentation to the issues, themes and messages that underpinned the whole Forum. Even though Andrew has such a rich tapestry of experience to draw from, it was his ability to weave his story into the business messages of the conference that resulted in the Forum participants, and my clients, to talk about Andrew’s impact for days afterwards. I simply couldn’t have asked for a better speaker to augment the Forum. I would recommend Andrew to facilitators and conferences wholeheartedly.” – Alan Scott, Principal, Asmosys

“An incredible, inspiring, exhilarating and motivating presenter. Andrew had a complicated presentation brief but he delivered it perfectly. He was humble and yet inspirational, he was elite and yet convincing. Andrew delivers a very strong message in regards to tackling everyday tasks in addition to the importance of team work and leadership. Andrew’s story and real- life images captivated the audience and added great value to the day. I highly recommend Andrew as a keynote for any event looking to inspire and leave your audience in awe” – Steve Bennett, Senior Policy Officer, W. A. Department of Sport and Recreation

“Andrew’s presentation was both insightful and entertaining. He has the credibility and real life experience that really captured our guests imagination. He also was able to relate the issues of leadership, strategy and team culture on Everest back to Australia’s Boardrooms.” – Stephen Lennard, Joint Managing Director, Crown & Marks Executive Search

Presentation Topics

Andrew’s diverse leadership background in addition to his unparalleled extreme adventure experience, have instilled in him a unique understanding of how to effectively and quickly adapt to and embrace today’s uncertain business world, through;

  • Proactive risk management that identifies opportunities as well as threats,
  • Building individual and organizational resilience, flexibility, innovation and commitment,
  • Synergistic teams, and
  • Authentic Leadership

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More about Andrew Lock

Andrew Lock is heralded as the most accomplished high-altitude mountaineer in Australian history. He has climbed all fourteen of the world’s 8000m mountains, and he’s the only Australian, the first person in the entire British Commonwealth, and just the 18th man in the world, to do so. Climbing Mt Everest three times has placed him in a select group of the world’s best alpinists, as he’s the only Australian to ever make the climb more than once.

  • Andrew’s mountaineering achievements don’t stop there. They include:
  • He was the first Australian to ascend 6 of the world’s 8000m peaks.
  • The first Australian to lead a commercial expedition to the summit of Mt Everest.
  • Solo ascents of four 8000 metre peaks: Broad Peak, Lhotse, Shishapangma Central and Cho Oyu
  • Climbs without oxygen or Sherpa support
  • 18 individual ascents of 8000 metre peaks, with double ascents of Mt Everest, Cho Oyu and Shishapangma Central
  • Lived at high altitude, on the mountains themselves, for over 4 years

Andrew’s determination and character have led him to reach amazing heights with his mind and body, providing him with insights and experiences that are inspiring to all.