Rack ‘em up! The new Yakima StreamLine roof rack system is out now

By Aus Geo ADVENTURE 5 June 2023
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Yakima reckons its new StreamLine roof rack system is its most advanced gear-carrying setup ever. Here’s all you need to know.

Yakima is renowned for its excellent roof rack and cargo systems and, not content to sit on its laurels, it has now released the all-new StreamLine system. This system has been designed from the ground up, and comprises three new crossbar styles and eight new leg designs, for a modular system that covers every conceivable roof-carry solution for different types of vehicles/roof styles used by adventurers to carry their outdoor toys, whether bike, cargo or water-based.

Yakima has built a well-deserved reputation for robust carry systems, both roof-mounted and towbar/hitch-mounted (see our review of the Yakima OnRamp e-bike carrier, here). As well as compatibility with all Yakima products, the company’s designers and engineers focused on ensuring the new system is tougher than previous and also includes improved aerodynamics. This new system has also been subject to a lengthy testing period, as Yakima engineers have put the complete system – bars, legs, etc. – through the wringer to ensure its performance reflects the brand’s reputation for tough, uncompromising gear.

The crossbars are all made from lightweight aluminium, with black powdercoat or an anodised silver finish and have been designed to imitate the curvature of your vehicle’s roof shape to ensure optimum strength when fitted. The new leg systems are equally robust, featuring a steel chassis (with rust-resistant coating) and tough ASA plastic for weather and UV resistance. The result is a complete (and highly versatile) system that is up for any rugged outdoor conditions.

The JetStream Bar is a through-bar style and includes a T-slot system with Yakima’s clever SmartFill push-down tech to allow for easy attachment/removal of accessories. The bar’s aerodynamic profile helps reduce wind-noise, and it is rated for a maximum load of 75kg for a pair.  The JetStream FX Bar is a flush-fit style version of the JetStream and offers excellent wind-resistance and plenty of strength. The FX Bar also shares the JetStream’s 75kg maximum load rating.

Yakima’s JetStream bar incorporates a T-slot for fitment of additional Yakima equipment, such as bike and watercraft carriers, and has a 75kg load rating (for a pair).

The TrimHD Through Bar is the big-bopper, heavy-duty incarnation of the new bars, with a maximum 100kg (per pair) load rating. It includes T-slots for easy fit/removal of accessories and also includes a load strip with an ‘airflow diffuser ridge’ that is used to assist in reducing wind noise and securing gear.

The eight adjustable leg styles are, as mentioned earlier, built tough with that (rust resistance-coated) steel chassis and ASA plastic. There are four ‘FX’ versions, denoting their compatibility with the flush-fit FX bar system, and four ‘regular’ legs, that suit the other StreamLine bar versions. 

The eight leg variants all share a robust build, with (rust resistance-treated) stainless steel internals and tough ASA plastic exteriors.

This new system from Yakima is incredibly versatile, with its modular design ensuring that most outdoor enthusiasts can ‘build’ a complete cargo carry system that suits their particular lifestyle and the types of adventures they enjoy. Yakima touts the StreamLine system as its most advanced roof rack system ever and, backed with Yakima’s well-earned reputation for producing gear that is tough and functional (and the the brand’s Limited Lifetime Warranty), it should see the US company continue to grow its share of this competitive market segment.

We’ve just received a Yakima StreamLine system for review, so stay tuned for our extensive gear test soon, here at www.ausgeoadventure.com.

See Yakima for more info on the StreamLine system and the brand’s range of gear.