Traser H3 P6600 Red Combat Watch

By Justin Walker 24 November 2015
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A hi-tech, Swiss-designed watch is just the ticket for a timepiece capable of withstanding extreme conditions.

WHEN A TIMEPIECE is Swiss-made and designed for the US Special Forces, you know it’s going to be capable of taking a great deal of punishment in often unforgiving conditions.

Traser H3 is a Swiss watch brand that specialises in timepieces for use in extreme conditions. The P6600 features the company’s ‘trigalight’, a self-illuminating light technology that doesn’t need sunlight (or battery power) to work.

This fancy tech is based around small airtight sealed glass tubes that feature an internal coating of a luminous substance that is “ignited” (for want of a better word) by tritium gas contained within each tube. Electrons released from the gas react with the luminous substance and light up the material, enabling night-time vision of the watch face.

Yep, it’s hi-tech, and has a minimum guaranteed lifetime of 10 years… The watch itself is quite basic, but it’s built super tough and is surprisingly light on your wrist.

The 45mm diameter case is of double-case construction and the lens is scratch-resistant sapphire, while the steel bezel is bidirectional, all contributing to a waterproof depth rating of 200m. There is a day/date function included but otherwise this watch is sans techy/fluffy stuff – after all, you really only need a watch to tell the time.

The big appeal of the P6600 is that you can easily read the time day or night, without having to worry about draining your watch battery, thanks to the trigalight technology. Oh, and I really like the back-to-basics approach of the Red Combat; it tells you the time and the date. Do you really need anything else?

TRASER H3 P6600 Red Combat Watch
RRP $600

Source: Australian Geographic Adventure March-April 2015