Trangia Ultralight 27/1 stove

By Chris Ord May 27, 2015
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A great choice for stability at a good price, opt for the Trangia stove

WHEN IT AIN’T broke, don’t fix it – that’s the Trangia’s mantra, given its original design has barely changed in more than 80 years. But they have added to it.

We tested each of the configurations: alcohol, gas canister and multi-fuel bottle (though the multifuel is not available in Australia).

The 27/1 kit consists of two 1L saucepans, frying pan, upper and lower windshields, burner, pot grip and strap. The alcohol set up is the original and easiest.

First you fill the small receptacle with methylated spirits, set alight, and…wait. Then wait a bit longer. That’s the downside: it does take a while to cook.

The smart shield design of the Trangia does funnel heat to the pot well and holes on one side can be faced into the wind to help fan the stove brighter and stronger.

This unit is totally silent, too. The gas kit was simple like other canister
set-ups, if not quite as quick to the boil. The multi-fuel set-up impressed. When a different jet is required (for kero), easy access from above using a small tool makes the swap a quick one.

This matched other multi-fuels, aside from taking a little longer to boil.

Apart from the burner choice, the Trangia is a great option for those wanting stability in their bush lives.

Boil/500ml*: 3min 58sec (multi-fuel) 3min 52sec (gas canister) 5min 03sec (alcohol)

Base kit weight: 720gm