MSR Whisperlite Internationale Multifuel

By Chris Ord September 23, 2014
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There’s a reason this stove is called the Whisperlite

Boil/500ml*: 2 min 50 secs

Claimed: 3min 30sec/1L

Weight: 460g

This is the stove you’ll hear most jetsetting trekkers speak of. It’s easier than its reputation suggests to light, and the ‘art’ of listening for the hiss sound when priming is not an art, just common sense.

It is, however, hard to see the jet nozzle to judge how much fuel to let go for priming. It’s even fi ddlier to change the jet. Notably, this stove is not as ‘multi-fuel’ as the MSR XGK (not tested) model or the Optimus Nova.

It burns only white gas, unleaded petrol and kerosene. While great for boiling it lacks the ability to easily simmer. It claims to be fi eld maintainable, courtesy of a pin in the jet nozzle that cleans the opening when you turn the unit upside down and shake. In reality, if you’re burning super dirty fuel in the backblocks of nowhere, you’ll need to rip it apart to clean properly.

This is regarded as the go to for good reason, only now being challenged by the Nova which doesn’t need the jet change and is easier to service.